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Bin Mahmoud

Doha, State Of Qatar


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smart solutions

We take the motto “digitize your business“ literally and can implement your ideas and processes directly for you.
With our solution for intelligent business process management we can use your ideas and suggestions immediately to create process based business applications which will make the digitization of your processes, products and services possible quickly and simply.

we serve

  • Goverment and Public entities
  • Artisan, Sole-Entrepreneur, Freelancer, SME and Large Enterprise
  • Education Entities, Local Communities, Organizations and ONG

we offer

  • Centric API Approach based Systems
  • Hybrid & Native Mobile Applications
  • Website development, from simple informative Portal to a complex E-commerce or Intranet/Extranet application

Smart Devices

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technology doesn’t just provide opportunities for new product lines, or even for new revenue streams through selling the data collected by your new connected devices. Approached in the right way, it can open up whole new ways of thinking, working and doing business.

we serve

  • Government and Public Authorities
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Hardware Integrators

we operate in

  • Smart Building
  • Smart Cities and Citizens
  • Smart every-Things!


Our Infrastructure Services is mainly based on helping companies securing their servers, files, databases and their online application (saas, extranet...) and presence (portal, websites...).

we manage

  • Database & Fileservers
  • Virtual Infrastrucutre
  • applications and websites Security

we are expert in

  • Linux, Windows and macOS
  • HyperV and VMware
  • OWASP and Ethical Hacking